Senna won three world titles before his death. But what if Senna had live after that crash in tamburello corner. What if he survived that crash and he was still able to race after that incident.


Would you still think Schumacher have that record if Senna
had live. ???

Now I know this blog is about Senna but lets put the spot light on his nemesis, Schumacher. In 1994 Senna had moved to Williams to ensure that he had a competitive drive in which he can try and win another world title. Schumacher did in fact beat Senna on the 3 races that they had, but that was just the start of the season Senna has not been all too happy with the William’s car.

Even his teammate Damon Hill find it difficult to handle the car.If you can recall the moment that the FIA announced that the active suspension was going to be banned in 1994 season and teams that used it will have to cope without it.

Having the best active suspention system and the menacing Renault engine
the Fw14 & FW15 were unstopable. When the active suspension had gone away, the Williams team faced difficulties in the beginning of
the 1994 season.

Yet, despite that defiency Senna put the car on pole in all 4 races that he had in 1994. Let’s say that Senna survived that crash and lost that race. He would still be able to catch Schumacher by the end of the season. Remember Schumaher only won in 1994 by smashing Hill and winning it by one point. Senna would have easily taken Schumacher before that race in Adelaide.

In 1995 I would still think that Senna would have taken the title in that season; so thats Schumacher 0 to Senna 5. Remember in 1996 to 1997 the Williams still had the best car all aroundand to think that Hill or Villeneuve could take on the formidable Senna…not a chance. Senna have at least 7 titles and counting. Let say Senna lost to Hakkinen due to the car in 1998, then on 1999 Senna moves back again to Mclaren. Do you think Hakkinen had a chance againts Senna, not really so there you go 8 World Drivers Championship. Senna would have own the record by now and Schumacher will still be racing in 2008 to have a chance on equalling Senna’s achievement, but this is just an speculation that I made and will never happen because Senna died and we will never see that result.