“There is a rhythm… something like a perfect melody. Not always… but in any case I am always looking for that melody. And when I have found it I drive in a different dimension. I sense and I feel much more than I calculate. These rare moments are marvellous.”

Why he’s a F1 legend?

Senna - Hamilton
On 11 April 1993, the 'greatest lap in Formula One history' was completed by Ayrton Senna on a rainswept racetrack in the East Midlands....

What People Say About Him?

Ayrton Senna in Great Britain
He participated on 161 F1 GPs, took 65 pole positions and 41 victories but then tragically died following a crash at Imola on May...

Simtek Ford S941

Simtek Ford S941
Simtek Grand Prix started out in life as a British engineering consultancy firm. In 1989 Simtek Research was founded by future FIA-president Max Mosley...

A name that inspires

Ayrton Senna in Portugal in 1986
Ayrton Senna: a name that inspires confidence and pride, a tsunami in the deep, sifting ocean of motorsport history, rich in krill-like factoids which...

Story of a Ratzenberger Porsche

Ratzenberger helmet
Look at this Porsche. Not very special, right? Just a random 964 Carrera 4. And it would be, if it wasn’t for its previous...

Fast as Ayrton: McLaren SENNA on the road

McLaren Senna supercar
The amazing Senna model - the wildest and most powerful McLaren ever - has been snapped testing on the M25. The £750,000 hypercar is...

The Most Dominant F1 Car Ever

Ayrton Senna in France in 1988video
The high level of optimism at McLaren, following the arrival of its new Honda V6 engine and of Ayrton Senna as Prost's partner, was...

Ayrton Senna: Suite 3002

Fairmont Hotel in Monaco 2
thesun.co.uk gives an insight into the immaculate room which costs £69,000 to stay in during the race weekend. Room 3002 at the Fairmont Hotel in...

Ayrton Senna, The Musical

Ayrton Senna, The Musical
The story of Brazilian Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna has led him to be recognized as one of the greatest drivers of all...