The story of Brazilian Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna has led him to be recognized as one of the greatest drivers of all time, national hero and international idol. But it is the essence of his personality and character, with a warrior spirit and solidarity, that will be on the stage of the show “Ayrton Senna, the musical”, which premieres at the Teatro Riachuelo Rio, on November 10.

Ayrton Senna, The Musical

Produced by Aventura Entertainment, in partnership with the Senna family and presented by Bradesco, “Ayrton Senna, the musical” is the twenty fourth production of Aventura, in nine years and a spectacle different from everything that was already created by the producer until now. “To talk about Ayrton Senna we have to fly high,” says Aniela Jordan, Aventura’s managing director, alongside Fernando Campos, Luiz Calainho and Patricia Telles. “Ayrton Senna, the musical” is sponsored by Atlas Schindler, Riachuelo, Sem Parar, Volkswagen Financial Services, support of Alelo and White Martins, Avianca as official carrier and Localiza Hertz as official car rental.

Claudio Lins and Cristiano Gualda are the duo who signed the script and the original songs – specially composed for the show. “It’s amazing to tell the story of a normal person who became a national hero. The country needs references at this time, “says Claudio Lins. “We wrote the first song and went to the Senna family. It was an unforgettable moment, unique, very exciting! “Commented Gualda.

Renato Rocha, director, has created shows in London (for the Royal Shakeaspeare Company, The Roundhouse, LIFT (London International Theater Festival) and Circolombia), for the International Biennale of Arts in Marseille, National Theater of Scotland, Leicester International Dance Festival, Union European and Unicef. “There is no way to make a show about Senna without much speed, sounds and lights. We will have many air and pendular numbers, “says the Rocha.

24 actors / singers / dancers / acrobats make up the cast formed after audition among 100 people. Hugo Bonemer was the actor chosen to play Ayrton. “It was the most difficult audition I ever did. Beyond the pressure of the character, the test was with an authorial song, “commented Hugo. “I was looking for an actor that moved me, touched me with emotion. It reminded me of Senna’s look, “said Renato Rocha.