Senninha-chess1Published 11-06-2009 by Antonio Carlos Rix

Chess is a fantastic sport. Maybe more than any other, it is great for the mind, it trains it and empowers its perception. Chess is good for everybody, but it is especially good for children to develop concentration and thinking skills.

Capital of the state of Sao Paulo – the Ayrton Senna Cup took place with 2000 kids from schools all over the state. Students were divided into age categories and not by school grades. The Ayrton Senna Foundation and the government of Sao Paulo supported the event.

I spoke with Mr. Henrique director of the Sao Paulo Chess Federation — who brought in the referees and provided the actual organization of the tournament. He told me Ayrton Senna himself loved chess and today his foundation supports this kind of events all over the country.</p>
Students who won four rounds got medals, the top three winners of every category won trophies and they all won news friends and unforgettable experiences.

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