BRUNO SENNA says he would love to earn some points at the Malaysian Grand Prix to help celebrate what would have been the week of his uncle Ayrton’s 52nd birthday.

The legendary Brazilian — born on March 21, 1960 — won three Formula 1 titles before being killed at the San Marino Grand Prix 18 years ago, when his Williams careered off the track while he was leading the race.

But nephew Bruno, who is now driving for Williams himself, will not let his emotions get in the way of competing in Sepang.

He said: “It would be great if we could celebrate Ayrton’s birthday by putting two good dates together.

“It would be great if we score points this weekend for him — and then the weekend after that and the one after that. For all the 19 left.

“The only time I thought of Ayrton in the cockpit was when I won the GP2 race in Monaco in 2008.

“He came to my mind because it’s such a different place, specific occasional. We have the Senna name on a few trophies there, so let’s hope we can continue building them up.”

The Williams ace had a disappointing 16th place finish in Melbourne. After suffering damage at the first corner, Senna later collided with Felipe Massa and was forced to retire.

The 28-year-old is now eyeing up a better performance around the Sepang International Circuit and hoping for a top 10 finish.

He added: “S**t happens, its motor racing. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and trying to fight through the field towards the end of the race.

“It’s in the past and hopefully all the bad luck and bad situation have stayed in Australia and we can have a straight forward weekend here.

“The target is to have a normal race. If you put everything together, we have a chance of being in the top 10 because the midfield is very close.

“One person’s mistake will be to our advantage and let’s hope we don’t make any.”

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