SENNA the movie, which tells the story of the career of Ayrton Senna, was named best documentary at the British Independent Film Awards (British independent film awards). The English production is popular in many parts of the world and breaks records – in England, raised 2.17 million pounds (U.S. $ 6,080,991), the seventh highest grossing film of its kind in the entire history of the United Kingdom, surpassing the category leaders such as Buena Vista Social Club (955,000 pounds), An Inconvenient Truth (935,000 pounds) and Man On Wire (879,000 pounds).


SENNA is also prominent in the United States and received two awards this year. In January, for best documentary for the Sundance jury, and in June, as the public’s best foreign film at the Film Festival of Los Angeles.

In Australia, it grossed more than $ 325,000 in 47 cinemas in which it was displayed. A champion performance, especially compared to other documentaries released in that country. In Brazil, the DVD is on sale since March and is also one of the most popular movie rental stores in Brazil. SENNA was produced by Working Title, directed by Asif Kapadia, Manish Pandey script and distribution at Universal Pictures.

The English version of the DVD arrived in the first place in sales on iTunes and also led in the number of rental stores.

The film. SENNA tells the story of our triple world champion in Formula 1. Since his debut in the top category of motorsport in 1984, to the glory and reverence around the world.

Who wants to buy the documentary to watch, save in the collection and review as many times as you can access the site Senna Store and buy the DVD for only $ 19.90. Besides having a historical film at home, you contribute to help Brazil’s public education through the programs of Instituto Ayrton Senna.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna