The Cultural Contest ‘Building a new planet’, promoted by the Instituto Ayrton Senna in partnership with Nestle, awarded on Wednesday in Sao Paulo 12 children and young people from 10 states of Brazil. Schools and teachers of winning students were recognized at an event held at the Institute. The action mobilized some 500 000 students (over 130 000 subscribers) and 20 000 educators from 1197 schools spread over 21 states with the theme of environment and sustainability.

To participate in the competition, students needed to be part of a program of the Instituto Ayrton Senna – If League, Champions Tour and Accelerate Brazil – and attend the public elementary school.

Were attached to the essay contest students from Brazil and Accelerates Circuit Champion – 4th and 5th year – with the theme ‘What are your ideas for a sustainable planet?’. In the illustration category of students entered the program connects and Circuit Champion – 1 through 3 years of elementary school – with the theme ‘How the world in which you want to live?’. The entries were judged by representatives of schools and departments of education and the Instituto Ayrton Senna.

The ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in both categories won awards such as notebook, bicycle, DVD player, digital camera, with products Senninha school supplies and educational toys and books. Teachers were also awarded with notebook, digital camera, thumb drive Ayrton Senna, DVD documentary and book Ayrton Senna SENNA. The school was awarded a trophy, a replica of the helmet used by Senna SENNA DVD documentary and the book Ayrton Senna.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna