Brazil and the world are connected in Tijuca Grand Prix 2014 ! Is eighty- two minutes of much anticipation ! It’s really to the heart of the fans explode with excitement ! The Sambadrome is packed the stands and the public are all here to feel the rush of speed. It’s a great crowd !

The Unidos da Tijuca created a fantastic journey , with moments of great races that consecrated the fastest competitors of all time . Who is faster and can perform feats unforgettable ? A win is a difficult task , because this is a circuit that requires a lot of riders .
A few moments and there comes the start of the Grand Prix de Tijuca . After an exciting race for Pole Position , competitors are preparing the pits to face the great challenge. Anything can happen on the track of the Marquis de Sapucai !

Mechanics make the final adjustments . Let us know in a few minutes who will be the winner of this race. Are the last moments before the race . The audience watches the contestants . And there are some of the strongest competitors ! 1 In boxing , the fastest animal nature , which already inspirarm aerodynamics of many cars . The incredible technological innovations that run the world , breaking barriers and challenging limits , stir in the second box. In the other boxes , could not miss the unforgettable characters created by fiction to play with a man’s eternal passion for speed , and sports that require speed , resilience, agility and daring. It’s pure emotion ! Who will win the GP da Tijuca ? Who will be able to write the name in the history of speed? Pilots are ready to boot vitótia!

The cars are already lined up for the start of the race . Pilots seek better heating of the tires, brakes , try to focus , prepare for this great event ! The engines begin to be triggered . And now everything is ready for the great start ! Let the roar of the engines , they will snore loudly ! Lights up red , comes in green . Dumped!

Early in the race, the riders face an exciting turn. It is dangerous and requires a lot of skill . Any mistake can determine the outcome of the dispute . All care is ! The passage challenges the contestants , as the legendary Eau Rouge and exciting curve ( Red Water ) , the circuit of Belgium , which runs through a beautiful forest and requires an incredible ability to aerodynamic grip of the car.

And here they come ! The horse crosses the track using the full power of your engine . The hummingbird maintains its position because of the new beak, longer and narrower , and smaller wing , which guarantee more speed and balance . The fish – marlin plunges inside of the curve , followed by the cheetah , which gives the boat and touch the peregrine falcon . Look at the tortoise and the hare getting into over there to enter the contest and raise the victory flag!

Now they enter the big straight . This is the moment that chills because they spend tearing a stunning speed ! In this excerpt , the Internet is always a very powerful adversary . Man Electrical accelerates and reduces the difference . The Supersonic Airplane at the end of the line , find the slope in a vacuum and satellite. The Bullet Train slides , but the speed of light does not allow a closer . Everyone thinks of spare tire because this is an exhausting race , no doubt , and it requires right now, a Pit Stop.

Some runners reduce prepare to enter the pits . It is amazing to see the speed, timing and mechanics of the perfect job . In seconds , the team exchange the tires and send the car back to the track.

They fire , accelerate to take all the difference and almost touching the guardrail protection of the runway . Here comes the Mexican Ligerinho putting upward pressure of the Road Runner , you need to brake to avoid the shock . Everyone stuck there and who enters the contest is Speed Racer. The kid comes with everything ! The Flash will trying to keep open too Speed. Come dressed in it , look at the difference! But Sonic follows closely in trying to put forward, accelerates again and comes flying down!

Just behind the steering wheels are more crazies in the world to make another crazy race . Everyone bunched there ! The machine of evil cunning and your steering wheel , Dick Dastardly and Mutley , always ready to apply a dirty trick , will torment Penelope Pitstop , the doll ‘s wheel! Professor Aerial up part of the Brothers Rock . The Gang of Death is a little faster and avoids approaching Coupe Haunted . The Red Baron gives combat Tank War , which accelerates and glue on Luke Hick . Peter Perfect slope and almost takes Rufus Lumberjack track ! Sensational ! They force the pace from the beginning to the end. All together trying to overtake hallucinating!

Now for the final bit lacking , the competition is fierce ! You will then see the Sprinter to impose and take the lead . Cyclist gets even more speed , pedaling endlessly and shoot! But the Biker approaches only in engine power ! Which Grand Prix that fantastic race ! And to our surprise , the rower dispute in the arm to reach the finish ! It’s unbelievable what people see in this circuit samba ! The Sailor not want to stay behind and careens almost turns , trying to stay ahead ! Who will coming slow and steady is the Jalopy entering the track to get back in touch!

Who appears in the first position ? Here comes Ayrton Senna , there in front of everyone! Here comes Senna , Brazil in front! He has made the sign of V for victory. Flags stirred in green and yellow in the circuit ! Senna, who as a boy had mastered the wheel , comes from small, front opening , thrilling audiences with his achievements ! Here comes Senna at the end of the line , is the final proof , the Finish Line, Ayrton Senna ! Go up the checkered flag ! Ayrton , Ayrton , Ayrton Senna of Brazil ! No one else holds the crowd ! The fans offer banners Brazil for it! The party is it here in the Sambadrome . Does the party in Brazil with Ayrton Senna ‘s victory in the Grand Prix!

It is a victory lap ! The last lap at the Sambadrome for mostar that Senna came to stay. Accelerates , Brazil , along with Ayrton Senna ! Boys and girls entering the track to remember that Senna is able to inspire your dreams ! The desire to win requires work, dedication and competence ! Ayrton Senna at your fingertips carries the hope of every American ! He grabs the flag and leads to madness the bleachers of Sapucai . Rises again in Podium Champion . In GP da Tijuca , Brazil revives with it the thrill of victory . No time he does not, there is no dream that he did not inspire to become reality ! Shines the star of Ayrton Senna in Sapucai!

Authors :
Ana Paula Trintade
Fátima Brito
Isabel Azevedo
Paulo Barros
Simone Martins