"I’ve always had a very good life. But everything that I’ve gotten out of life was obtained through dedication and a tremendous desire to achieve my goals…a great desire for victory, meaning victory in life, not as a driver. To all of you who have experienced this or are searching now, let me say that whoever you may be in your life, whether you’re at the highest or most modest level, you must show great strength and determination and do everything with love and a deep belief in God. One day, you’ll achieve your aim and you’ll be successful." -AYRTON SENNA

Ayrton Senna Rio

Remembering Ayrton on this day

Brazilian Ayrton Senna was a famous professional race car driver and sportsman at the time of his death 24 years ago in a racing crash at San Marino Grand Prix. After an outstanding career...
roland Ratzenberger in 1987

Roland Ratzenberger-The Tragedy

When Roland Ratzenberger was killed during qualifying for the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, he became the first Formula One driver to die during a grand prix weekend since Riccardo Paletti at the 1982...
Ayrton Senna in Portugal in 1987

Senna’s final F1 wins for Lotus

I’m not a fan of racing’s raw statistics without context, but while bored in that quiet gap between Christmas and New Year, I was checking out F1’s updated records and a couple of figures...
Senna - Hamilton

Why he’s a F1 legend?

On 11 April 1993, the 'greatest lap in Formula One history' was completed by Ayrton Senna on a rainswept racetrack in the East Midlands. This April, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of this incredible...
Senna Trophy

Sonic F1 Trophy Won By Ayrton Senna

Not so long ago, we ran a little piece on the 1993 Formula One European Grand Prix, or - as it was also known - the XXXVIII Sega European Grand Prix. Held on a rainy day in...
Ayrton Senna in Lotus

Magic Senna

A lot has been said, written and debated about the man who is hands down considered the best to have ever graced the sport. Not all of it good though, he had and still...
Prost and Senna in Austria 85

Dream Team: Prost and Senna

I met him first in 1984 at the opening of the new Nürburgring GP circuit, where there was a race for F1 drivers in Mercedes road cars. I took Ayrton from the airport, and...
Ayrton Senna at Monaco in 1988

Light at the end of the road

May 2004 Eleven-and-a-half laps to go, over half-a-minute in the lead, and the world's fastest driver makes an elementary mistake at Portier, shaves maybe an inch too much apex. His right-front wheel clangs the barrier,...
Senna helping to Erik Comas

Ayrton saved my life

Ayrton Senna was the next driver on the scene and stopped his McLaren to help while the rest of the field raced by. He turned off the Ligier's engine and held Comas's head upright...

Interview with CEO of Senna brand-Bianca Senna

From the moment I met Bianca, I was starstruck, and we naturally started speaking in our native language, Portuguese. She is extremely polite and...

Obrigado Senna