Bruno Senna is convinced that he is growing up as a driver this year, on the back of his strong start to the campaign for Williams.

Having taken points-scoring finishes in Malaysia and China, Senna has proved that he can deliver in the races as well as over a single lap.

The Brazilian thinks his progress is down to the faith that Williams has shown in him, and the positive pressure that comes from chasing good results.

“The amount of pressure is different [at Williams], and it’s a very different type of pressure,” he told AUTOSPORT. “I know I have to perform, I know I have to be on top of my game, but these guys give me a great chance to develop, to learn, teaching me as much as they can.

“We are growing together. They are giving me a great chance and I’m trying everything I can to help develop the car.”

Senna thinks the fact he had his first pre-season testing programme this year, plus more knowledge of Formula 1 tyres, has been a big help.

“We had the structure before the season, so I have a better idea of what the car can do,” he said. “And I know the tyres a lot better than last year.

“Sometimes it’s easy to pull a qualifying lap and do a top 10. Maybe not easy but it’s possible, and I did that a few times last year. But then in the race I made one bad decision here, one bad decision there and the race pace was not quite as good.”

Although Senna faced pressure at the end of last year to deliver as he tried to convince Renault bosses to keep him, he says that his contractual situation does not make things any easier this time around.

“I’m in the fight for the seat for next year. It’s not like I’m guaranteed for next year, so it’s important to keep pushing,” he said.

“These are only the first races of the season but I scored points in two out of three, and maybe I could have scored in the first one. It’s the best thing I can do – keep pushing, keep scoring points.

“I can improve on qualifying but the important thing is the race and that’s what counts.”