Fresh from winning the Evening Standard Film Award for the Best Documentary Film, the Senna movie is now odds on favourite to win a prestigious BAFTA award at the ceremony this Sunday 12 February at the Royal Opera House in London.


And the distributors, Universal Pictures, have announced that there will be a very special set of screenings of the film on a giant IMAX screen at the British Film Institute in London.

For those not familiar with IMAX, the key is not just the quality of the image but its enormous size. According to Wikipedia, “A standard IMAX screen is 22 × 16.1 m (72 × 52.8 ft), but can be larger.

“The increased resolution allows the audience to be much closer to the screen; typically all rows are within one screen height; conventional theatre seating runs 8 to 12 screen heights. Also, the rows of seats are set at a steep angle (up to 30° in some domed theatres) so that the audience is facing the screen directly.”

It should be an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to see it.

The dates for the BFI screening are as follows:

Tuesday 28 February (21:15)
Thursday 1 March (21:15)
Sunday 4 March (18:30)

The BFI is located on the south side of Waterloo Bridge, London SE1.

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