The Edisca (School of Dance and Social Integration for Children and Adolescents) and the Instituto Ayrton Senna have changed the reality of children and adolescents from Fortaleza, Brazil. With the partnership of Education through Art since 1999, thousands of young people have benefited.

The Education through Art program developed by the Institute in partnership with nongovernmental organizations, enables managers and art educators to provide educational opportunities aligned with the purpose of education for human development through art. Dancing, painting, acting or singing, children and youth have the opportunity to develop skills not only to renew their interest in studying and achieving success in school and in life, but mainly to build a sensitive knowledge about themselves and the world, and incorporate values.

According to Dora Andrade, founder of Edisca, 400 students are part of the school year. She said the presence of the Ayrton Senna Institute is essential to project success. “I was about to give up when the Institute appeared. And today I can say that there is a Edisca before and one after the partnership.”

The managing director of Edisca, Ana Claudia Andrade, also highlights the importance of partner. “The Viviane Senna (president of the Institute) was the first to see the potential of Edisca. We were young when she got the idea of  bringing the project to more people. He said we needed to grow. ”

The Edisca existed since 1992 and serves children from low-income communities of Fortaleza. To join the project, you must be enrolled in a formal school. “They come here in the morning, do the dance classes, have lunch and then go to school in the afternoon,” said Andrea Smith, coordinator of activities.

Dora Andrade is proud of the results. She said 80% of children who arrived in Edisca were illiterate. “But the project was becoming more sophisticated and created a network of comprehensive care. Today I am proud to say that more than 50 former students entered our public university. ”

An example of a former student is successful Jamila Lopes, 19 years. University, she teaches children in Edisca. “Here I learned that if I am given the stage, I also have to be determined in life,” he says. With dancing, known the world – has performed in cities like Paris and New York.

About Education through Art.

Developed since 1999, Education through Art aims to train managers and educators to develop personal skills and abilities, relational, cognitive and productive with learners through educational opportunities in art.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna