It began on Monday, (12th September) the Integral Education Seminar full-time, conducted by the State Department of Education, Culture and Sport Goiás (Seduce) with the Instituto Ayrton Senna support. The event takes place in Pirenópolis (GO) and continues until 14th September, with a series of activities to discuss the concept of integral education and how it can be taken for the day to day schools, regardless of the workload.

Instituto Ayrton SENNA

The program was developed from demands of the participants. About 600 managers and teachers of pedagogical teams of public schools were invited to meet curricular integration initiatives and development of socio-emotional skills (focused on how each relates to the feelings themselves, with others and with life goals ). Among the participants are also professional schools where it is offered full-time, 159 in primary education and 21 with secondary education.

During the opening speech, Secretary of Education, Culture and Sport, Raquel Teixeira highlighted the history of the state in the implementation of full-time schools, but stressed that even in other school models can offer comprehensive education practices. “A comprehensive education is designed to enhance opportunities for learning and student development in many aspects, so that form prepared for the 21st century may be different models for this, but the guiding principles are the same,” the secretary said.

Teaching practices were highlighted by Raquel as significant to make a difference in student learning as the individual monitoring to recognize the potential of each student, the weekly collective planning and varied perspectives to analyze the demands of the students and possible actions for the follow students not passing year with gaps in learning.

“You can get immediate interventions in some difficulties identified in the same way that simple mechanisms may make the child realize that it is taken seriously and respected at school, which makes a lot of difference,”

For Elementary School superintendent Seduce, Marcia Antunes, the seminar will broaden the understanding of the importance of comprehensive education in the formation of subjects, citizens. “The expectation is that participants return to the teaching units more clearly, more understanding of what is the integral education that goes beyond the extension of time in school,” said the superintendent. “The seminar is a time to hear people reference on the subject, ask questions and then open the same discussion in school, then build ways of how to make it all happen in the classroom.”

Until Wednesday, the event will include presentations of the Instituto Ayrton Senna consultants, Paulo Andrade and Katia Smole, Director of Coordination and innovation Institute, Mozart Neves Ramos, and Ricardo Paes de Barros, chief economist at the Institute Ayrton Senna and teacher Insper. They will also make presentations to the director of inspirare, Anna Penido, and the CEO of Natura Institute, David Saad.

source: Ayrton Senna Institute