Models and photos
by Emilio Littel

This diorama depicts an imaginary scene. Here, after winning the San Marino GP at Imola, Ayrton Senna lifts himself from the cockpit. If only the scene were true . . .

On that fateful day at Imola, Senna carried the flag of Austria. He had intended to wave that flag in memory of Austrian Roland Ratzenberger, who was killed during qualifying the previous day. The memory of that race weekend remains one of the worst in the history of motor racing.

1/43 Tameo McLaren MP4/8, European GP, Donnington 1993

One of Ayrton Senna’s greatest racing moments – the first lap of the European GP at Donnington, England in 1993.

The consummate rainmaster, Senna sprang from fourth place on the grid to first before the opening lap was completed. He was never challenged in the race.

This unique diorama captures the bright glow of Senna’s brakes, with the help of a light box and fiber-optics.

source: © /  © Emilio Littel