The media made a full disclosure of participation in the campaign of the famous # SennaMeInspira held by Ayrton Senna.

The sites MSN, Yahoo, MSNÉpoca online magazine Alpha, the latest of the CQC, Brazil Network News, Views Available, Refreshing, Comma, and various intelligence blogs echoed the videos Rai, Lars Grael, Hydrangea, Bruno Senna, Astride Fontenelle, Sabrina Sato and Felipe Andreoli recorded paying tribute to the Senna.

“Ayrton Senna is the hero of the whole of Brazil. What inspires me most is the courage … not to give up the dream,” says Sabrina Sato, Panic

Program. “When I have my children, grandchildren, I will tell them who was Ayrton Senna … he was proud to be Brazilian,” says Felipe Andreoli, the humorous CQC.

“He is my reference. Inspires me to fight for my goals,” says Bruno Senna, nephew of the driver and triple world champion of Formula 1. “Senna is still inspiring me to have concentration, focus” said presenter Astrid Fontenelle.

Like them, all the fans of the pilot can honor him by the end of April. Simply record a video, 30 seconds, answering the following question: how

Ayrton Senna inspires you?  Then you can just publish to YouTube and follow the instructions on the site The 10 most creative videos submitted until April 26 will participate in an interactive exhibition on the three titles to be held in São Paulo, from May. Besides being part of this tribute, the authors of selected videos, which to tan pages Mobil, Pioneer or have the card Credicard

Instituto Ayrton Senna, campaign partners will gain unique gifts.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna