The McGregor Ayrton Senna Collection has been developed in conjunction with the Ayrton Senna Foundation – an institution devoted to giving Brazilian children and young people a chance to develop as human beings, citizens and future professionals.

The crisp and distinct colouring and the ‘racy’ and vintage look of the items create a collection that stands out. The limited edition Collection is inspired by several iconographic clothing items that were worn by racing legend Senna himself during his impressive career – ranging from a great ‘Brazil’ t-shirt, caps and racing suits. Each of the hang tags features a picture of Ayrton Senna in the clothing that inspired the item in question.

Unfortunately, the Ayrton Senna clothing collection is no longer available from McGregor. McGregor is, however, still famous for its rugged racing collections, inspired by the Williams Formula One Team and the Automobile Club de Monaco.

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