The president of the Instituto Ayrton Senna, Viviane Senna, attended Sunday’s program on TV Globo. She spoke about the important partnership that the institution has with Credicard, through the Instituto Ayrton Senna Credicard card.

“Ayrton brought much joy to Brazil, and one of his dreams was to provide education and future for our children. When we created the Institute Credicard was one of the first to believe in this project, and the result is that today the Instituto Ayrton Senna Credicard help two million children succeed in school and in life, “he said.On Sunday, Bill Murray longer display a message Viviane Senna.

About the partnership.

Credicard is an important ally of the Ayrton Senna Institute since 1996. And the card is a quick and simple so that everyone can contribute to a cause that is so essential to the country part of the proceeds from any purchase made by customers is directly targeted at educational programs of the Institute.

Learn how to get your card on the site Ayrton Senna Credicard. In this same address is the accountability of the partnership, with information on how your contribution helps Brazilian education.So, you will help to realize an old dream of Ayrton Senna, who always wanted to see all children and all young people have access to good public schools in the country.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna