In the early ’70s, Sid Mosca, entered the world of racing as a driver. But it was the aggressive look of the paint of his car that brought several requests from other drivers.

He created and painted fancy cars, from Brasilia No. 17 Ingo Hoffmann, who made history on Brazilian auto racing.
This was the first painting hero Emerson Fittipaldi helmet, then the only Brazilian to win in Formula 1. Emerson was his Top Model until the last race which he participated. When Sid gave freedom to show their creations and special effects, his helmet was the most evolved in design without losing the personality of its image.

In Formula 1, Sid painted Brabhams, Lotus, Jordans, among others. He was greeted personally by the greatest designer of all time, Colin Chapman, who lauded him with a great appreciation certificate, the painting done in 12 hours at Lotus of Mario Andretti, who was destroyed by fire in the afternoon the day before the Brazil GP of F-1 in 1977.

It is considered to be mystical painter who is lucky, because in addition to shine the paint, “pilots” shine on tracks around the world. The reality is that within helmets painted on the F-1, were world champions Emerson Fittipaldi (1972/1974), Nelson Piquet (1981/1983/1987), Ayrton Senna (1988/1990/1991) and Keke Rosberg (1982) . In Indy, Emerson was champion twice in the Indianapolis 500.

Sid believes the Ayrton Senna helmet is one of his creations that stood out in motorsport. More than that, it awakened in Brazilians love for colors of their flag.

Sid believes that hardly anyone lived so many emotions as he has lived. When you see these drivers in action, it feels to be in the cockpit of their cars by painting their helmets.

In these almost 30 years of painting, Sid gives equal attention to boys Kart, even the experienced pilots of F-1 or Cart. As with young people like Ayrton Senna, Christian Fittipaldi, Rubens Barrichello, Pedro Paulo Diniz, Andre Ribeiro and many others.
In 1999 to celebrate 50 years of F-1, Bernie Ecclestone, the president of FOA (Formula One Association), commissioned a painting to Sid helmet, without a single series of 50 units, to honor people and pilots of the world renowned Formula 1 .
It is the only “Custom Painter” in South America that belongs to the Metal Flake Design Group, an organization focused on special custom paintings.

He taught the profession to his son Alan Sidney, and continues to shine in their activity.
“Painting the helmet is the other side of the pilot, it gives you an ID when it is in action on the track, and I am happy to participate in the creation of their image, get valuable and important in the course of his career.

I am gratified by the full recognition that I have had in my profession. “- Sid Mosca

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