Now this past Sunday, at 8pm GMT, a great event had been organised by one person,  @schuvettelainen, or also going by Twitter handle @SENNAwatch as well, who did a fantastic job of bringing all of us F1 fans/bloggers/writers all together,. This was to watch the great documentary film about the late Ayrton Senna, who unfortunately lost his life at the fated Tamburello corner on the 1st May 1994.

And to make it even more special, writer and producer of the movie itself, Manish Pandey, was on hand to provide us with some great trivia relating to the movie itself. Director Asif Kapadia, however, was unable to make the event himself, but tweeted later to ask how it all went. This truly made the event itself an interactive event, where people were tweeting Manish about certain points, and he did respond as well.

A few days after the event, she graciously answered some questions about what the inspiration was behind creating an awesome event, her beginnings in becoming a fan of Formula One, her top ten drivers, and much more.

What was the inspiration behind setting up @Sennawatch?

I really enjoy the Twitter experience during F1 race weekends & it was clear from my timelines, that many people had a lot to say about the Senna movie when it came out on dvd. I noticed that they were tweeting their thoughts, while watching it by themselves. One day, it just struck me that it would be fun to pull everyone together & watch & tweet together like we do with F1.

What was the main highlight of the event itself for you, having put a lot of hard work into it?

I’d have to say Manish Pandey’s involvement. It turned a great event in to a really special one. Getting the event recognised by the filmmakers was just wonderful.

What attracted you to the movie itself, especially as the footage shown is something we’d today on the internet?

i think it was the chance to relive those early days when I first started watching F1. Back then I knew nothing & didn’t appreciate the stories that were unfolding before me, so to watch it back knowing all I know now about the sport was fascinating.

Where would you class Ayrton Senna in your top ten of drivers, and why?

This is tricky! I’d say second… there’s no doubt he was a top driver and a very special one at that. But if he was still with us, it is difficult to predict how his career would’ve panned out before he’d have retired. I suspect he would have won more titles, but who knows. I am a huge admirer of Senna, but I think there is a danger of over-romanticising his achievements, just because of what happened to him.

Which other drivers would be included in there as well?

Michael Schumacher would have to be my top driver, then Ayrton Senna & after that an 8 way tie between Alain Prost, Graham Hill, James Hunt, Mika Hakkinen, Jim Clark, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet & Sebastian Vettel – I admire them all for different reasons so it is difficult to rank them.

How did your passion for F1 first start, and what are your first memories of that?

I started watching in 1992 with my uncle (when I was 12), and would say I was interested at that stage. The passion was ignited in the mid-90s by the duels between M Schumacher and Damon Hill. Rather unusually, I liked them both equally. At least it meant I was happy either way! Damon Hill winning the world title was particularly special.

Have you been to any overseas tracks and explain your experience.

No, not yet.

And what is your favorite highlight in F1 so far?

Vettel winning his first title. It was a brilliant moment, more so in retrospect. He hadn’t had the best season & I know many question whether he deserved the title, but he has taken that achievement & set something very special in motion.

Which team are you rooting for to win the title?

I’d love to see Red Bull win again, but I want it to be harder for them this time.

Who would you think may cause a surprise or two in the field?

I think Kovalainen is my one to watch for 2012. Caterham have a great chance now to develop a mid-field car & Heikki will push it to the limit for them like he did in 2011. I really hope he scores some points. If the Force India car is strong, then I think Hulkenberg will justify his seat very quickly & may outclass DiResta.

Thanks to @schuvettelainen for giving us a bit more information about the event itself, as well as some more info about her love of Formula One as well. She also posted on her blog  about the #SENNAwatch event itself, which you can check out here, and if you want to check out her twitter page and follow her, you can do so here!

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