The Toleman F1 team, small, unfashionable, always short of money, is rarely remembered, yet it was the team that took Ayrton Senna into Formula 1. The team that launched Derek Warwick, one of the most popular and accomplished men in British motorsport.

The team that brought Rory Byrne, Ferrari’s design genius, to sudden prominence. The team that enabled Pat Symonds, Renault?™s race tactician, to construct his career. And this was the team that became Benetton. With such a history it is no surprise that someone has finally written a book about Toleman. Christopher Hilton took on the job, creating a lavishly illustrated hardcover that follows the dramas, heartbreaks and triumphs of each racing season in detail. It is full of poignant memories never published before, as well as hilarious anecdotes and penetrating insights.

Ah, but there’s more to this tale. Our contributor Nigel Matthew’s younger brother James painted those Toleman race cars. It was his first entry into the exotic business of Formula One, from which he built a company that is now the world’s largest paint refinisher of F1 cars, along with Superbikes, Moto GP, sports, and touring cars. Brick Kiln Racing Group, as it is known, is proud to have painted components for seven Formula One championship title holders and Le Mans winners. And we’re proud, through Nigel and this blogsite, to have a connection, however distant, to the sport we love. The Toleman Story is now available from bookshops or direct from Veloce Publishing. Needless to say it would make a fabulous Christmas gift.

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