Senna Watch is a twitter event, run by a fan, for fans, of the immensely popular Senna Movie. It was inspired by the way in which Formula 1 fans around the world share their thoughts via twitter during live F1 broadcasts, as well as their shared love of this documentary film. Last time we were joined by the film’s producer, Manish Pandey, and hope to be joined by both Manish and director, Asif Kapadia, for the next event.

The concept is simple; participants start watching ‘Senna’ at home (or wherever they happen to be) at the same time and tweet their thoughts during the film, using the #SennaWatch hash tag. All that you need to get involved is access to the film and access to twitter.

The next Senna Watch will be held on Sunday 29 April at 6pm BST. For updates, keep an eye on this page or follow @SennaWatch on twitter.