Serious and responsible, he tries to carry the world on his shoulders and rarely lets others know that he needs help and support.

Ayrton Senna denies or ignores his own emotional needs and feels that others will not accept him if he appears “weak”.

He is especially uncomfortable with emotional dependency, and tells himself and others (even children) not to be a “baby”. Ayrton Senna needs to accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time, and to be gentler with his “childish” emotional needs and wants. To others, he may appear to be rather hard-nosed and tough, with a businesslike attitude toward their personal concerns and feelings. Actually, no one is a truer friend. His feelings and loyalties run deep, but he often does not let people know how much he cares. Ayrton Senna also sometimes needs to learn to relax, enjoy himself, and play.

His own feelings and emotions are something of an enigma to Ayrton, and it is often difficult for him to share what he is feeling with others. Ayrton Senna frequently withdraws from the world and needs a healing, peaceful environment in order to blossom and come out of his own world.

Senna identifies with the oppressed, disenfranchised or underdog in any situation and he wants to help them or care for them in some way.

Serious and emotionally reserved, Ayrton Senna was probably never an exuberant, playful child, and he rarely expresses himself in a spontaneous, childlike manner. He is cautious about letting others get close to him and sometimes withdraws from people altogether. At times, Ayrton Senna feels lonely or isolated, even when he is with people. Learning to appreciate his own company and find satisfying solitary activities is essential to Ayrton’s emotional well-being.

Tremendously softhearted and sympathetic, Ayrton Senna gives very selflessly and devotedly to those he loves and often allows others to become overly dependent upon him. More compassionate than passionate, Ayrton Senna may become romantically involved with a person because he or she expresses a need for love, rather than out of mutual pleasure or attraction.

He is drawn to sensitive, imaginative, gentle souls – poets, musicians, dreamers – or to someone Ayrton feels he can have a deep spiritual relationship with. Ayrton Senna idealizes love and has a very beautiful, romantic vision of what love relationships can be.

Senna is very much aware of his personal appearance, attractiveness and charm, and he can be rather narcissistic. On the other hand, Ayrton Senna is concerned with getting along with others and he has a pleasing, agreeable manner that people find quite appealing. Ayrton uses tact or charm to get what he wants rather than intense effort or force. His desire for love and affection colors everything Ayrton Senna does.

Sensitive and compassionate, Senna tends to be the “giver” in any relationship. Ayrton has high ideals and a refined attitude towards love relationships, seeking to relate in ways that go beyond egotistical and selfish needs. Ayrton is attracted to people with artistic or mystical inclinations.

Intimate relationships are the arena in which Ayrton Senna explores the depths he is capable of. He could fall intensely and fanatically in love and be obsessive, extraordinarily jealous or deeply involved with his partners. Senna will experience both heaven and hell in his closest relationships. There is undoubtedly a peculiarly karmic, fated quality to these relationships, which – though difficult – will teach Ayrton Senna things about himself and about love that he could not learn in any other way. Senna will often enter relationships which he realizes – rationally – will be very difficult, yet he cannot resist them, nonetheless. Ayrton Senna needs not to avoid berating himself for these “bad” choices; instead, he needs to learn what he can from them.

Ayrton has an affectionate nature and is in harmony with his environment. Charming and friendly, he is on good terms with most of the people in his sphere. His friends and associates mean a lot to Ayrton Senna and his relationships are positive and loving.

He is inclined to have sudden attachments to others and may fall in love quickly. Ayrton Senna warms up to people very rapidly, even if he sees them only once. In fact, Ayrton probably prefers a lot of changes in his relationships.

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