The Ayrton Senna Institute has partnered with the Skin Deco, a pioneer in wrapping electronics in Brazil. It is possible to coat your mobile phone, notebook, smartphone, MP3 player or tablet with the image of our triple world champion in Formula 1.

In the year that are celebrated the 20th anniversary of Senna’s third title, launched the Skin Deco look ‘Eternal Champion Ayrton Senna. ” In addition to the pilot’s face, you can have on your device stylized drawing of the historic cars used by the Brazilian idol – Black Lotus, Yellow Lotus and McLaren. The product is now available in four kiosks malls of São Paulo (Morumbi, Analia Franco, and Eldorado Paulista).

Developed in Japan, has seven years of durability and protects 100% against dirt, scratches and scuffs. Your phone will always be faced again, and that older, you do not trade for anything, will get a new look. All work is custom made by a professional certified by the Skin and Deco takes two to three hours to complete.

Besides letting your device prettier, you contribute to the educational programs of the Institute Ayrton Senna. All royalties will go to the partnership to improve the quality of public education in Brazil.

About Skin Deco. The world has undergone a revolution and today’s gadgets are indispensable accessories in everyday life. Phones, laptops, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and all sorts of products to life itself. Thus, the concept arrives in Brazil Deco Skin, a company offering a professional finish, 100% protection order and a new style to your electronics.

Developed over more than one year, the Skin Deco had opened its first operation in the Morumbi Shopping on May 12, 2011, and today is also in the Shopping Analia Franco, Patio and Eldorado Paulista.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna