Motorsport season is about to get started here in the northwest and a few months back I was in the market for a new helmet.

After doing my research I finally decided on a HJC AR10-II. This helmet overall was comfortable, and still looked pretty good for the price. Another bonus was the fact it had a different variety of cheek pads to choose from.

Having recently seen the new movie/Documentary Senna(click here for my review), I decide I would paint my helmet with the same overall theme as Senna’s as a tribute.

I contacted Nick Kennell over at Sinistair Kustoms who I knew through my friend to see if he would be able to come up with a design similar to that of ayrton’s without copying it completely. The end result was amazing, and so far I’m really happy with it. Here’s some pics that show the journey the helmet went through, along with the end result. Enjoy!
*note* to see bigger versions of the images below, just click on them.

Getting everything lined up with some masking tape to see what type of lines I wanted.

Overall I’m really happy with how the helmet turned out. The blue looks a tad too bright in certain lighting but, other than that Nick did an awesome job painting it! Now all I need is a Red racing suit and I’ll be set!

source: © / pictures: Terrell Broomer