“Ayrton was called the King of Trouble because wherever he went, something would happen. There was competition back then. It was a sport that had excitement. Today it’s lost that.”

The exhibition “Monaco Senna Celebration”, which took place 19-27 May 2007 at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, celebrated the 20th anniversary of winning the Monaco Grand Prix with a tribute to the  Ayrton Senna. The event is sponsored by Honda, Hublot, Segafredo Fairmont and Radio Montecarlo.

“We are so proud of having Hublot as one of our long lasting partners and extremely honoured that they chose the SENNA collection to present their new special watch design and technology. Celebrating Ayrton’s victories and titles with such a beautiful and special collection is outstanding.”

-Bruno SENNA

All proceeds obtained from the box office and with an unprecedented auction helmets and other objects of the Formula 1 drivers, plus a Hublot watch, produced especially for the event will go to educational projects of the Instituto Ayrton Senna. On 25 May, Viviane Senna, Ayrton’s sister and president of Instituto Ayrton Senna participated in a gala dinner and, together with the Prince of Monaco, Albert II, inaugurated a plaque in honor of F1 three-time champion.

Viviane Senna Da Silva Lalli leads the Ayrton Senna Institute since its creation in 1994. With the Chair in Education and Human development, the Institute works to develop the potential of future generations having already assisted 15.8 million young people, in 26 Brazilian states and qualified 694,000 educators.