7fc00f81c631789a4f0d86bBruno Senna has revealed it meant a lot to him to get his famous surname name back in the points in Formula One and reckons he will only improve over the rest of the season.

Senna took the first points of his career at the Italian Grand Prix and it was the first time the Senna name had been in the points since his uncle Ayrton won the Australian Grand Prix in 1993. He said it was an important moment for him but that he is now focused on improving over the rest of the season.

“For me it’s great to be getting competitive again and getting the surname back up there in the top ten,” he told the Renault website. “But I know at the same time that there is so much more to come from more experience and more miles in the car. I’m definitely looking forward to the next race much more and I think every time I go to a race I’m going to be looking forward to it more and more.”

Asked how much he had learnt since his Renault debut at the Belgian Grand Prix two weeks ago, Senna said: “I think my brain is probably boiling a little bit with information at the moment – I need to take some time to settle everything in. But so far, together with the team, we’ve made good strides in understanding the car and going in the right direction with my driving style. All that is really encouraging and this week I’m looking to go to the factory again to have some chats about the race. It was a race without incidents for me and we can have a good strong base to build up from for the next few races.”

But Senna admitted that the next race in Singapore would be a tougher challenge than Monza as he has only driven the circuit in the uncompetitive HRT last year.

“Singapore is one of the circuits that I know the least,” he added. “Last year was my first race at Singapore and I was not in a very competitive car. So it’s going to be very tough. It’s going to be pretty much a full learning curve coming to a circuit that I don’t know well into a good car there, but I’m sure that I can use Vitaly [Petrov]’s experience there to help myself and hopefully learn as fast as possible and get a good result there as well.”


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