Bruno Senna says Williams already has confidence that its new car is good enough to help it bounce back from its worst ever season in Formula 1.

On the back of a switch to Renault and a major technical restructuring, Williams has pinned hopes of drawing a line under its disastrous 2011 campaign with an improved FW34.

And although the team has not yet pushed for laptimes in testing to show the full potential of its new car, Senna says that the early impressions are good – but that it is too early to say yet just what it can achieve in the forthcoming campaign.

“I think the team is confident we can achieve more with this car,” said Senna. “The team has been putting good attention to the detail, and this car has been very reliable, which is always a great feature.

“But we need to learn more about it, to learn what the real potential of the car is and then work on the deficiencies of the car. We have identified some, we are working on them and already talking to people in the factory, the design team, to make it an all around strong car.”

Although the Williams appeared twitchy on track, Senna thinks that the car is fairly easy to drive – and actually needs to be made more ‘edgy’.

“It is only my first day so I cannot say that I know the car fully well,” he explained. “I know there is still more lap time to be extracted from the car, and again today’s objective was not to be the fastest on the track, but to have good consistent work.

“We achieved that. We had many long runs that we got some good information from and, when the time comes to push hard and do a fast lap, we can show some good stuff.

“Any car comes out with strong points and weaker points and I think it is nice to drive car. It is very docile, so definitely if we can get it a bit more edgy, but without going over the edge, it will be a much faster car.”

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