Now fans of Ayrton Senna will have another reason to be thrilled with the roar of engines. The Airis for the domestic market presents a new concept of geolocation devices, the Airis Ayrton Senna. The new model is a tribute to one of the greatest athletes in history, recognized throughout the world, a myth of the motoring world and one of the best drivers of all time.

A limited and numbered edition, has five-inch screen and innovates to bring to the category of devices Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows access to the Internet and social networks, and to-mail and browser software. “With connectivity to the wireless network, opened a new category of GPS in Brazil that allows the driver to be connected with their daily activities, this worthy collector’s item,” says Claudio Galante, executive director of Airis.

The GPS Airis Ayrton Senna comes equipped with Android technology and navigation system with 3D maps, navigation software Navigation unique Airis 2011, warning radars and cultural attractions (cinema, theater and concerts) with weekly update. Another difference is the presentation of the product, which comes in an acrylic dome that refers to the protections used to store awards.

The success story of the national idol in Formula 1, that thrilled generations of fans around the world, with 41 victories, 65 pole positions and three world championships, with the product. Part of this successful trajectory is presented in a selection of pictures. “The fans sped with him worked around curves, cheered every new achievement and celebrate the moment the podium, is the sum of this spirit and motivation that we are bringing to our customers, is this energy that will monitor traffic on the way to work, in his travels and even at home via Wi-Fi technology, “said Galante.

The device also features a video about the Ayrton Senna Institute, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) which is turning into reality the dream of three titles to take quality education to the Brazilians. Anyone acquiring GPS Ayrton Senna, a product collector, also collaborates with the Organization, which will receive 100% of royalties from the sales of the device. Educational programs of the IAS have benefited more than 11.5 million children since 1994, qualifying public education so that new generations of Brazilians develop their potential and be champions at school and in life.

GPS Airis Ayrton Senna Technical

Screen: 5 inch 800 x 480 resolution
Processor: 900MHZ DSP
Memory: 2 GB Flash
Operating System: Android 2.1
Plays: Videos, photos and music
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Internet access, email and social networks
Connection: Wi-Fi compatible wireless B / G / N
Exclusive content: Free Weekly Update of cultural activities (cinema, theater and concerts) and warning radars.
Software Navigation: Navigation Airis 2011
Color options: night and day.
Route options: Easy, Short, Economical and Quick.
Includes: USB cable, suction cup holder, user manual, book building, car charger, wall charger, cradle for the GPS.
Battery charge: 7h
Battery life: about 2 hours (navigation)
Dimensions: 85mm H x 134mm W x 14.9 mm D
Weight: 190g