Research conducted by Ibope Media between April and July 2011 shows that Ayrton Senna is the fifth person in the sports world most cited on television. The order is the most mentioned Ronaldo (15%), Neymar (12%), skin (11%), Ronaldinho (8%) and Senna (3%).

Another survey, the Center for the Study of Sport Business at ESPM (Superior School of Advertising and Marketing), shows that products in the pilot generate an annual revenue of $ 200 million. The money is fully reversed for the educational programs of the Institute Ayrton Senna.

According to Nielsen Media, 83% of people say that athletes give more credibility to the brand. The research makes clear that companies that are associated with Ayrton Senna usually get positive results. In addition, contribute to a cause that is so essential to Brazil – improving the quality of public education.

The Instituto Ayrton Senna, who is fulfilling the dream of our triple world champion Formula 1, develops programs that are applied to state and municipal schools of more than 1300 cities. The main objectives are to reduce illiteracy, school failure and dropout in basic education. In 17 years of operation, more than 13 million children and young people have benefited.

Valuable brand.

Other surveys indicate as Ayrton Senna is loved by people of all ages and social classes. According to the Brand Asset Valuator, the largest research brands in the world, held in 2007 in 42 countries by Y & R, the triple champion of the celebrity is more important and one of the healthiest brands in Brazil.

Ayrton Senna leaves behind all the other celebrities in the country with the maximum position almost four items of assessment: differentiation, relevance, esteem and familiarity.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna