Patrick and Debbie Wedes as licenced distributors of Ayrton Senna 1994 – current for The Motorsport Shop received an invite for one person to attend a special two week tribute to Ayrton Senna in his home city of Sao Paulo in May 1995.

The tribute was arranged by the ASF (Ayrton Senna Foundation) and Family. During this period ASF became IAS (Institute of Ayrton Senna).

Patrick was introduced to everyone in Ayrton’s lifefrom his private plane pilot, to Enrico Carrao his mountain bike manufacturer and more.

A special event at the Sao Paulo Opera House was arranged for 1000 guests with Ayrton’s favourite singer Milton Nascimento to sing songs Ayrton loved throughout the show.

During the presentation the Mayor of Sao Paulo presented the brass large medallion that would be given to everyone in attendance, numbered piece in a plastic cover, in a large carry case with brochure. The mould was smashed in front of our eyes also as proof on a large superscreen.

This was proof, no more medallions would be made ever again.

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