Ayrton-Senna-SchoolThe world’s largest online English school – announced a partnership with Ayrton Senna Institute. The Institute is a high profile nonprofit organization that focuses on improving the quality of teaching in Brazil’s public schools.

Among other things, the partnership involves EF Englishtown providing special discounts to eligible students that enroll in the school’s Private Teacher courses. These subscriptions include group lessons, private lessons, online progress reports, access to an international community of fellow students and technical English for areas of special interest.

It started with a dream…

The Institute’s focus is on helping students respond to the professional, economic, cultural and political demands of the 21st century by equipping them with a high quality education. Every year Ayrton Senna Institute trains 74,000 educators and its programs directly benefit 2 million students in more than 1,300 cities all over Brazil.

The Institute was launched in 1994 and based on Ayrton Senna’s dream of ensuring young Brazilians from a variety of backgrounds all enjoy the opportunity to succeed. Senna was a three-time World Formula One Champion and arguably Brazil’s greatest sportsman. Prior to the launch, he had discussed the objectives of the nascent foundation with his sister Viviane Senna and she went on to create and lead the organization in his honor.

Organizations with a similar mission

Akin to Senna’s dream, EF Englishtown was also created with the aspiration of breaking down barriers through education. Globally, English speakers have higher levels of professional, lifestyle, business and academic freedom than non-English speakers. English is the world’s lingua franca and is one of the keys for individuals to make life changing advancements in a high growth country like Brazil.

Working with nearly 2 million members across Brazil, EF Englishtown’s method combines the latest learning technology with live native English speaking teachers available around the clock. Learners receive personalized content based on their needs and goals and can also study via the web, mobile or tablets. The accessibility of the online school — all you need is an internet connection — is particularly relevant for a large, geographically dispersed country like Brazil.

About EF Englishtown

EF Englishtown (www.englishtown.com.br) is the world’s largest online English school and has over 8 million members spanning the globe.  It is a division of EF Education First (www.ef.com.br), the world’s largest private educational company. Founded in 1965, with a mission “to break down barriers in language, culture and geography”, EF has 34 thousand employees, 400 schools and offices. EF Englishtown was created by specialists with 40 years of experience teaching languages.  It uses a unique method that allows students to rapidly acquire all the vital competencies necessary to become fluent in English.