Honda displays at the Detroit Motor Show, the concept sports its luxury division, which was immortalized by the genius Ayrton Senna in the 1990.

One of the attractions of the Detroit Motor Show, the concept Acura NSX has finally revealed its interior. External and internal beauty are an intense combination that comes from cradle. Not by chance. The triple world champion Ayrton Senna Formula 1 was largely responsible for mythologizing the model. The Brazilian participated in the development of the machine with another big name from the slopes, the American Bobby Rahal. The Senna family has until now the model 1993, a gift from Honda for the King of Monaco.

This surpasses the original NSX concept unveiled last year in Detroit. Grounded in the idea that must occur synergy between driver and car, Honda once again produces a perfect model in the category direction. The Japanese promise better interaction between man and machine, making the car more fun to drive. The whole model is built around the man inside the car, which has incredible visibility for the driver in the same position unorthodox driving.


Thanks to simple interaction and sports, the lucky “pilot” can focus entirely on the pleasures of driving. The system makes interior noises are minimized to levels imperceptible, which favors the experience of driving the NSX in the limit, since psychological and emotional aspects are widely favored. According to the automaker, that was the main objective throughout the development of the model.


A legend with the NSX could not fail to be honored with the highest technology in your heart, equipped with the Acura Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, a high-performance system that features three integrated engine (a V6 petrol and two complementary electrical). Furthermore, the system concept has dual clutch transmission optimized, with almost immediate reduction acceleration and front wheels facilitating curves.


The new Acura NSX, developed by a team of designers and engineers at Honda in the United States, will soon to the automaker’s production line in Ohio. With all the beauty and power, it is certain that the legendary model increasingly followed snatching fans. Straight from the pantheon of legends of the sport, Senna should be very proud.

source: © correiobraziliense.vrum.com.br