This is the podium ceremony after the 1993 Brazilian Grand Prix, Ayrton Senna’s second home victory. As he waves the Brazilian flag to the manic crowds, 82-year-old Juan Manuel Fangio walks onto the stage, hands the constructors’ trophy to McLaren team principal Ron Dennis, then drags Senna from the podium and gives him a big hug. Behind them, third on the podium, there’s a very happy Michael Schumacher in his yellow Benetton overalls.

It would be hard to find a better clip than this to see the living history of Formula One. Fangio competed in and retired from the very first Formula One race, the 1950 British Grand Prix, while Schumacher competed in and retired from the very last Formula One race, the 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix. Atypical results for both: In the six decades between, Fangio, Senna and Schumacher won 15 of the 61 drivers’ titles, with second-place Damon Hill on the podium winning yet another, in 1996.

And who would have guessed on this wild Brazilian day that the old man from Argentina would outlive Ayrton Senna by a year?