The Ayrton Senna Institute, with the support of Mood \ TBWA, presents the “Together for Education” campaign. The singer and composer Toquinho is invited to receive singer Tiê and rapper Rael to together create a new version and music video for the song “O Caderno” (the notebook). The purpose of the campaign is to promote the cause of quality public education and engage new donors in this purpose through the website

Together for Education campaign

The proposal to mix three singers from different generations and musical styles contributes to the campaign reaching different audiences. The film is already being aired on the Ayrton Senna Institute’s social networks. The campaign shows the public that the participation of all is fundamental so that Brazil can offer a better education for children and young people who attend public schools. Anyone who becomes a donor will receive a welcome gift – a Compactor kit (mini-block and pen), which is also supportive of the campaign.

“This campaign brings together the talent of musicians, companies and partner media. This union shows the strength and importance of the cause of quality public education as a way to improve our country’s future. I have no doubt that this campaign will engage even more donors in the work that the Institute has been developing for more than 22 years, “says Thiago Fernandes, Business Director of the Ayrton Senna Institute.

“For us this partnership is more than with the Ayrton Senna Institute, it is with millions of children in Brazil who need education. We are very proud to have such a customer in the portfolio, “comments Fabio Meneghati, COO of Mood \ TBTWA.

The campaign also counts on the support of Delicatessen, directed by Decio Matos Jr., and Comando S in production. Mood \ TBWA is still preparing a second stage, which will feature other big names in music to promote the campaign on social networks. The copyright of the song and the musicians were granted free of charge.

source: Ayrton Senna Institute