The Ayrton Senna International Autodrome in Goiânia will host several events for our three-time Formula 1 World Champion this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, the stages of the Stock Car and the “Brasileiro de Marcas” will be in the center of attention, where the Brazilian idol will be remembered.

Senna in Stock cars

Cimed Racing has placed in its four cars the “Ayrton Senna o Musical” logo, which has been on display in Rio de Janeiro since the 10th of this month. Felipe Fraga, Marcos Gomes, Cacá Bueno and Denis Navarro are participating in the publicity. In the last stage, in Tarumã, the team showed the backstage for Hugo Bonemer, actor who plays Senna in the spectacle.

“We had the opportunity to show Hugo (Bonemer) how a rider’s routine is, the moments of stress, concentration, the ritual of dressing the balaclava, helmet … And even gave a quick turn at 250 km / h with him in one of the fastest circuits in Brazil. It was very nice to hear that he has been able to live motor racing more closely, “says Cacá Bueno.

In the “Brasileiro de Marcas”, one of the preliminary categories of touring car racing series, the car of Patrick Choate of RZ Motorsport, will have a special layout in Goiânia with the iconic colors of Senna’s helmet and is also spreading the show about the greatest driver of all time .

“I am an unconditional fan of Ayrton Senna and everything he has represented for motorsport. In addition to the car, I will also be wearing the helmet with the same design as Senna’s helmet. I was in the premiere of the Musical and, really, the production quality is amazing. Worth watching, “commented Patrick.

“FS Hero” is partnering with the Ayrton Senna Institute and will put the Senninha character in the hood of the cars of Felix da Costa and Diego Nunes, the two pilots of the Hero Motorsport team. This will be the first in a series of news that aims to promote the character Senninha and its publications.

Ayrton Senna Official