Marking the 30th anniversary of his debut and the 20th anniversary of his legacy, Proud Galleries’ Senna: Photographs by Keith Sutton, exhibits documentary photographs of Ayrton Senna, taken by photographer and friend Keith Sutton.

Working in partnership with Sutton Images, the exhibition celebrates Senna’s career, from humble beginnings in Formula Ford, to worldwide success as a Formula 1 race driver, and his unfortunate death at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Juxtaposing personal and professional photographs the exhibition portrays Senna as the determined and accomplished young man that he was, a focused individual whose drive pushed him to heightened levels of success and an international following.“From the moment I first photographed him… I knew I was witnessing an incredibly charismatic and talented young racing driver who would one day go on to become one of Formula One’s legends” said Keith Sutton, whose working relationship and friendship with Senna began in 1981 when the young driver asked Sutton to take photographs of him racing to send back to Brazil.

Keith Sutton began his Motorsport photography career in the 70s working as an amateur photographer for local racing events. He went on to become a full-time professional in 1980 as Keith Sutton Motorsport photography, a year prior to meeting Senna. Sutton went on to become an internationally celebrated Formula One photographer with his company Sutton Images, gaining status as the world’s largest independent motorsport agency.

Sutton’s photographic collection provides us with the largest archive of images of an amazing man, adding to the legacy of an individual who had been in a league of his own from the very start.

Senna: Photographs by Keith Sutton is at Proud Chelsea from 6th March to 4th May 2014.