On Sunday 8th January, people around the world were brought together to watch the multi award winning documentary, Senna. The idea was simple, for everyone to start watching the film at 8pm GMT and to tweet their thoughts and feelings throughout the film. Many people use twitter to give commentary for sporting events but never for a mass simultaneous DVD event like this.

The ‘Senna Watch’ event was a huge success, with over 800 tweets being posted throughout screening, including input from the films writer, Manish Pandey, which gave a fascinating insight into the film.

Interestingly, and the reason for this quite different kind of review, is that people were joining in even though they wasn’t watching the film. Such is the emotion that this film stirs up from within, it is possible to watch in your head through the thoughts and feelings of others that are watching it.

What follows is the Senna documentary, not reviewed in retrospect as normal, but in real time, using peoples reactions to describe what they are watching…..


@MarshallGP – #sennawatch is go go go.

@NikkiG_C – He looks like such a wee bairn in the kart racing at the beginning! A wee slip of a thing!

@F1Cartoonz – Ayrton’s parents were obviously fully involved in his career.

@mpandey69 – Haven’t seen the film in a few weeks – very moving, seeing that otherworldly look, in those otherworldly eyes.

@MissKaty_F1 – Monaco 1984!

@JamesDonald91 – Watch out for Senna clouting the kerb in Monaco 84 bit. Damaged his car. If race had not been red flagged he may have retired.

@squiffany – Senna in the rain is always beautiful to watch.

@stupot94 – That Lauda overtake is fantastic.

@EyeofAlexg1977 – Good to hear Murray Walker commentating again. a great man on his own right!

@JamesDonald91 – ‘Devours Niki Lauda’ Love that commentary line!

@mpandey69 – We always used to howl with laughter in the editing room when we heard ‘He comes and devours Niki Lauda!!!!’

@WayMicway54 – The size of the rear wings in Monaco..Turbo Era 1200 Horsepower!

@neil_povey – Hearing James Hunt makes me feel like an 8 year old boy.

@SharpCoupe – 1985 Lotus

@StigsfatCousinx – Black and gold lotus legendary.

@WayMicway54 – Dancing a Dance with his Lotus.

@MissKaty_F1 – It’s so clear to see how involved his parents were in his career, it’s amazing :’)’

@mpandey69 – Look at his eyes when he says ‘It is something so strong, so intense…’ after that first win.

@neil_povey – Love listening to the Globo commentary – can’t speak Portuguese but understand every emotion!

@squiffany – I love how flirty Ayrton is here. Japanese TV.

@NikkiG_C – Bless the Japanese Reporter! She was near passing out! Love his flirtyness!!

@squiffany – Now we see Alain’s flirty powers.

@moss022 – Haha that interview makes me laugh.

@stupot94 – Best F1 onboard ever? Fantastic Monaco film.

@StigsfatCousinx – Senna was other-worldly at Monaco.

@squiffany – The slo mo film from aftermath of 88 Monaco. One piece of beautiful footage.

@JohnnyBlythe – Monaco on-board, brilliant!

@mpandey69 – If you’ve been to Monaco and seen how insane it is, you’ll see why Senna was undoubtably the best ever. Fast but not reckless!

@WayMicway54 – #SENNAWatch Japanese GP stalls, drops to 14th..makes up 10 places in one lap, Genius!

@mpandey69 – If you’ve been to Monaco and seen how insane it is, you’ll see why Senna was undoubtably the best ever. Fast but not reckless!

@JackLeslieF1 – “Then his favourite thing happened, it began to rain”

@MissKaty_F1 – Japan 88? just proves he was a fighter and never gave up, one of the many reasons to why he inspires me!

@squiffany – The soundtrack to Senna still takes my breath away. EVERYTIME!

@NikkiG_C – Oooo its New Year Kissy Time! ha ha ha!!!

@squiffany – Still find it hard to watch when she only kisses him up to 1993.

@mpandey69 – That freeze frame of Senna staring at Prost in the motorhome, furious, is fantastic!

@F1Cartoonz – The sinister figure of Ballestre appears!

@MarshallGP – My blood boils every time I see Prost hit Senna at the chicane in ’89!

@Capri28s – Prost deffo turns in early.

@squiffany – Seeing how long the pitstop actually took. Feels like a lifetime.

@HollyCraig_F1 – A look of torture and turmoil in those brilliant eyes.

@mpandey69 – Watch the heli shot of Prost ‘closing the door’ on Senna. More like dropping the guillotine!

@MissKaty_F1 – Prost looking smug!

@JamesDonald91 – Not often you see a team boss disputing a result in which one of his drivers was crowned champion!

@HollyCraig_F1 – Genuine passion and empathy from Ron Dennis.

@JamesDonald91 – A miracle Martin Donnelly survived that. Amazes me every time I see it.

@squiffany – Thank god for Sid Watkins.

@stupot94 – How scary Ayrton’s words are when talking about Donnelly.

@EyeofAlexg1977 – This briefing is even better than Big Brother how Senna just walks out after Piquet says about the “fuck up last year” is brill.

@mpandey69 – Stewards agreed to change side for pole, Senna set pole, then they changed it back – wonder why…?

@stupot94 – Now best interview ever with Jackie Stewart.

@squiffany – “If you no longer going for a gap, your no longer a racing driver” Best line

@LindaSpencer – This is my favourite bit of the film. Winning in Brazil.

@SharpCoupe – Those last laps at São Paulo stuck in 6th gear, EPIC!

@robbeddington – Brazil 1991 – just incredible, especially the scene with his father, and the pain Ayrton suffered when lifting the trophy.

@mpandey69 – Brasil 91 is when Ayrton gives everything and still finds more – then says it wasn’t him, it was God’s will. Modest not arrogant.

@MarshallGP – Love Senna making Balestre look stupid in the drivers meeting!

@neil_povey – “The best decision is MY decision”

@F1Cartoonz – 3hrs later Prost hits the cone!

@MissKaty_F1 – Triple World Champion!

@stupot94 – Berger and Senna. The perfect team

@F1Cartoonz – Love Ron Dennis practical joking on the podium. Would never happen in modern f1.

@amit_mandalia – Even though I’ve had to turn off Senna, Just by some of the tweets I’m seeing on #Sennawatch I know exactly what is going on

@mpandey69 – In the script, I wrote ‘The 1992 Williams looks like the Terminator doing press-ups!’

@F1Cartoonz – Senna looks so dispirited talking about active suspension. He must’ve hated it.

@neil_povey – How did Donny ’93 end up on the cutting room floor? Another astonishing drive in the wet.

@NikkiG_C – ‘It’s never too late to change your mind’ Oh how I wish he had!

@moss022 – uh oh I’m going to be turning into an emotional wreck sometime in the next 15 mins :’(

@MissKaty_F1 – Oh not Imola :’(

@NikkiG_C – Oh my….the tears are starting already!!!

@LindaSpencer1 – Sorry folks, this is where I leave you and #SennaWatch. I can’t watch what happened to Roland and Ayrton again for a while. X

@JamesDonald91 – The most poignant bit of the film for me is Ratzenburger talking about the bad handling of his car and how hard he is pushing.

@HollyCraig_F1 – Lets all remember Ratzenberger, so much talent lost that weekend.

@TraceyPound – I now get nervous as soon as I see him in those blue Williams overalls.

@StigsfatCousinx – I remember this whole weekend so vividly.

@stupot94 – Starting to feel cold. The moment is coming up.

@stupot94 – Senna is seriously contemplating life pre-race. So tough to watch.

@EyeofAlexg1977 – This is just reminding me of how much I affected me, as I cried my eyes out seeing the events unfold. Still does today.

@lacanta – I remember watching Imola 1994 and not understanding much at the time. The movie helped a lot with making sense of it.

@mpandey69 – There was a huge thunderstorm after Imola. People said it was like God going mad with rage at F1.

@NikkiG_C – RIP Ayrton. You were the best ever in my opinion.

@EyeofAlexg1977 – Another fantastic ambassador for the sport, and fought every step of the watch. Abrigado Ayrton! RIP.

@F1Cartoonz – The tweets dry up as we all contemplate the tragedy of it.

@iWallbreaker – Nothing can separate me from the love of god.

Many thanks to Emma for organising such a wonderful event.

source: © marshallgp.com