Viviane_SennaNational Forum on Education will discuss the role of the educational system on the competitiveness of Brazil

Business Leaders Group, commanded by João Doria Jr., LIDE EDUCATION, chaired by Osmar Zogbi, and the Ayrton Senna Institute, chaired by Viviane Senna, promote the National Education Forum, which will have the theme “Education and competitiveness “.

The event will discuss the role of education on productivity and competitiveness of companies and their insertion in the economy. Besides business leaders, are also expected education experts, officials and personalities from the public and private sector in lectures and discussions. The event will be held on September 2, at the Grand Hyatt in Sao Paulo.

The opening of the Forum will be attended by Henrique Paim, Minister of Education, Alckmin, governor of Sao Paulo, Fernando Haddad, mayor of Sao Paulo, and Herman Jacobus Voorwald, Secretary of Education of Sao Paulo.

Gustavo Ioschpe, economist and education specialist, will speak on “Basic Education and its role in competitiveness”, alongside with education secretaries of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Following, “Vocational and Technological Education” will be the theme of the lecture Rafael Lucchesi, director of SESI and SENAI Education, an agency of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), alongside with the recognized teachers Claudio de Moura Castro and José Pastore too. At the end of debates cycle, Mozart Neves Ramos, director of Joint Innovation and the Instituto Ayrton Senna and former Secretary of Education of Pernambuco, will speak on “Higher education and competitiveness,” with the debate promoted by Rodrigo Galindo, president of Kroton Educational , Janguiê Diniz group Chairman and Educational Ser Ignacio Berdugo, director of the University of Salamanca.

To Viviane Senna, a competitive economy is directly related to labor productivity and, therefore, education has become a crucial factor. “The quality of Brazilian education is a major barrier to increased productivity and competitiveness of Brazil,”

“The poor quality of basic education, the reduced supply of vocational education, and higher education deficiencies limit the ability of innovation and production companies,” added Osmar Zogbi. At the end of the event, there will be LIDE Education Award, which rewards companies and entrepreneurs who recognize education as key to productivity, such as Nestle, Cielo, P & G, Integration and Morpho Cards.

For João Doria Jr., education is a right of all citizens and key priority for the country’s development.

The Forum has the backing of major brands in the industry. Sponsorship is the CNI. Impacts Group, Mind Lab and Tilibra are employees of the event. Eccaplan, Mobili, Company Group, Talent and PR Newswire is the official suppliers. As media partners are the Eldorado AM radios and Estadão AM / FM, TV and Magazine LIDE Culture.

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