Ayrton-Senna-InstituteStarting this month, the Ayrton Senna Institute presents to the market repositioning of its brand.

The study to provide a more modern brand and accompanying the new challenges of the organization began in 2012 and was developed by Future Brand in partnership with the Institute.

The big challenge was to show that after 20 years the Institute innovates, is renewed and shows a new look for education.

Continue fighting old problems like illiteracy, backwardness and school dropout, but also go beyond. With the signing “of the future Education, now,” hold that children and young people have a right to full education, which places the student at the center of learning and considers all the knowledge and skills they will need throughout life to continue developing as citizens, professionals and human beings capable of changing the world. To reinforce this position, the Institute understood that he needed to renew your brand. As of now the brand is composed of four different versions to be used randomly in all communication of the Institute.

During the process of creating public officials were heard, partners and opinion leaders. Listen to and respect the external point of view was fundamental in the way. The Ayrton Senna Institute and the “Future Brand” always were based on the need to transmit the new positioning the purpose of the entity and translate the brand attributes such as flexible partnership, scope, applicable innovation, excellence, independence, transparency and inspiring passion.

“If we want to change anything, it is the children who should start, through education,”

-Ayrton Senna

The diagnosis made by “Future Brand” identified that the Institute was closely associated with iconic and inspirational figure of  Ayrton Senna and had to go further and expand the forms of expression. In the branding project, the brand positioning brought the conceptual elements that supported the new language. The new language of the Institute translates verbally and visually its qualities.

The logo is eloquent in expressing repositioning. It is innovative in the world of NGOs, by providing the use of a set of symbols, not just one. The helmet is among them, representing the historical connection with Formula 1 and the Senna. But as alternatives appear universal symbols of education – the book, pencil, lamp. The logo is plural and flexible.

The brand language is not restricted to the visual. The aim is to harmonize transformation stories for education with facts and figures about the actions of the Institute. In the foreground, people and education we want for the future.

source: Ayrton Senna Official