The Motorsport legends tell the story of his best race: Part ten of the series Jean Alesi has his say. The Frenchman told the GP USA 1990 in Phoenix, when he Ayrton Senna drove in the parade and afterwards had to listen to a sermon by the Brazilians.

Although I have in Montreal in 1995 but won a Grand Prix, but the race to which I remember best is the one that made me famous. It was the United States GP 1990 in Phoenix.

I had been half a year behind me at Tyrrell went into my first full season. Just before the season, Tyrrell has changed tire brand – Goodyear to Pirelli. I had never gone before with that thing. With only nine Grand Prix under his belt, I was not a tire expert.

Our designer Harvey Postlethwaite gave me a short introductory course, “They have awesome grip on a game, and they spring to the floor for more waves.” We did not expect much. The Pirelli’s were but ideal for a road course. The less grip on the asphalt offered, the greater was their advantage.

Alesi with a dream start to the top

When we had qualifying tires on it, went off the right post. So I was really hot on the final practice. I have in my enthusiasm about the car ride, but it was still good enough for fourth on the grid. At the start I wanted to make up for everything. So far ahead, I had stood before. Berger, Senna, all the stars around me.

I come off great, hit a few snags, and suddenly I was well before the braking point lead. As it shot me like a flash through my mind: I hope now to see all my friends from Avignon. I imagined how they watch television and be glad. For me, a dream had come true.

I am the son of a body Spengler. The Formula 1 for me was something like a PhD. After the first corner, the whole field was behind me. Okay, I said to myself, the state will not last long. Show that at least we’re standing on the first lap as the leader.

Alesis hard fight against Senna

I did steam, look in the mirror and could not believe it: the cars it became smaller and smaller. I knew that the Pirellis would survive the race distance. I could not overtaken him just too strong. That’s why I’ve taken out a little ride, but was still comfortably in the lead.

Just before half-time of the race I saw a red and white car in the mirror was always larger. Senna was coming. Then I thought again of my buddies. The home should have a little fun in Avignon.Senna gets me is not so simple. I’ve been concentrating on, as late as possible to brake.

When he saw me at the end of the straight attack, I was later than late on the brakes. He also. I just thought: My God, who is really a magician. But then I see how he does not get inside the car into the turn, and I’m back inside through. I shouted for joy in my helmet.

Senna angry despite victory

Next round of the same game. But this time he had learned. He parked his car down so that I no longer passed inside. After that, I’ve been concentrating on to drive home the second place.

On the podium Ayrton came to me. It displeased him that because of his disturbed districts. And I spun around so long before his nose. Somehow he wanted to tell me that he was on the verge of changing his tire. I was almost embarrassed that he was looking for an excuse. He was a super guy, but because he knew no mercy. He was number one. This had such a brat as I accept.

Admonition by the team leader

Ken Tyrrell was overjoyed. He smiled from ear to ear. Then he raised his index finger and said earnestly. “Jean, do not we go for wins, we need points.” I said to him: “.. Ken, I do not care if I can take your points for the win, I fight to the last round was not good, as a Tyrrell has resulted in the first corner?” Ken looked at me and smiled as: “Jean, you do not have in the first, but lead in the final corner.” He was a great team leader.

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