Viviane Senna,president of Ayrton Senna InstituteIn the same year that the Ayrton Senna Institute turns 20 years expanded the number of companies interested in cause marketing, as reported by Propaganda Magazine, this month.

“The idea of this mechanism is to join the commercial interest of companies with share. Not only through donations, contributions or volunteer work, but bring the social element within the business, as a way to differentiate your product model,” explained Marco Crespo, business director of the Institute Ayrton Senna, a news publication.

The year 2014 has been a watershed in the amount of closed partnerships. The target of achieving 40% of revenue from $ 50 million from this type of action has already been surpassed. Until August, the percentage was 50%.

For the director of the Institute business, advertising agencies could lead a movement to explain the cause-related marketing is an element of differentiation. “Advertising agencies could be agents of transformation in the country if they looked at this potential, how they influence various brands and companies, could be a catalyst to accelerate this process, equalizing the gap between what happens inside and outside the country, where actions like this are much more significant, “he said.

The Ayrton Senna Institute is a nonprofit organization that researches and produces knowledge to enhance the quality of education on a large scale. Financed with own funds, donations and partnerships with the private sector, the Institute provides to government, free of charge, management services that include educational process diagnosis and planning, training managers and educators, development of innovative pedagogical and technological solutions, all articulated to promote an integral for the full development of children and youth in their multiple skills education.

source: Instituto Ayrton Senna