The Gran Turismo 6, game for Playstation that have Ayrton Senna as the main character, won the mark of best-selling racing game on the market in 2013 in just 3 weeks in stores!

In addition to the highly positive numbers for the Playstation 4 out there, Sony now brings us some internal numbers for Brazil. Gran Turismo 6, Playstation3 exclusive, was the best-selling racing game in the market according to GFK in December 2013, and in the year.

The report includes the study of sales at major retailers in the country and behind the new game in the franchise lead among racing games. This result “is a reflection of investment in Brazilian PlayStation and Polyphony, bringing to the game through a partnership with Instituto Ayrton Senna exclusive content for the game,” according to Sony itself, and if we analyze the situation, the partnership with institute it was a masterstroke company.

“Gran Turismo is the flagship franchise of racing and simulation on consoles, with over 15 years of tradition. With the game fully localized into Portuguese and unique content related to Ayrton Senna managed to achieve this important achievement “Gracias says Anderson, General Manager of PlayStation in Brazil.

Besides the traditional overalls and helmet-who arrived in Day One, more Brazilian idol content will be added to the game later. And just so you can count on our analysis of the game!