Senna-and-kidsOn 1 May 1994, Ayrton Senna was killed in an accident in the San Marino Grand Prix after crashing his car on the Tamburello curve. Triple champion of Formula 1, the pilot is considered one of the greats of world motorsport and had as the last ‘national hero’ by analysts “Finish Line”.

Rodrigo France, author of “Ayrton Senna and sports media,” believes that it is unlikely that Brazil will have another character as the pilot, especially around the context in which it is framed in Brazil in the second half of the ’80s and early ’90s.

– I think a hero Ayrton Senna as we hardly see in Brazil and worldwide. The dimension that Senna had with this concentration on a single hero, the time and context, is unlikely to have – the journalist said.

The journalist Ernesto Rodrigues, author of “Ayrton, a hero revealed,” considered one of the best works on the Brazilian believes that there is convergence in difficult situations that lead to the emergence of a ‘new Senna’.

Rodrigues and France recall that one of the greatest displays of scale achieved by Ayrton Senna was caused national mobilization on the day of his funeral.

– Senna was Brazil that gave pride, one of the few things I could say that the Brazilian was proud. The economy was bad, football was wrong. This is very symbolic. Who raised the flag of Brazil in the late ’80s and early ’90s was only Ayrton Senna. Therefore, the impact of his death looked like it was the funeral of the president – said France.

Although not the record of titles and victories of F-1, Ayrton Senna is unlikely to be surpassed by other drivers, according to Rodrigues. According to him, even Schumacher, with seven titles won in Formula 1, can be compared to Brazil.

– We had a pilot who won seven times, which is the Schumacher, and people do not compare with Senna. First you have to divide what is genius in every age. He opened another pattern, even in behavior profiling. He was devoted to what was tantalizingly. It is the first great genius of Formula 1 technology. For someone like him arise, we must first see what it would be a genius in formula one in which the driver has a steering wheel that is crazy – he concluded.

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