May Day is a symbolic date for fans and admirers of F1 and Ayrton Senna. For 18 years, at Imola, the triple champion left the tracks and became a star that still shines and inspiring people of all races, creeds, cultures and social classes.

Padre Marcelo, for example, in an interview with Fantastic (TV Globo), last weekend, was confided that one of the reasons that prompted him to wear the cassock was the vibration of Ayrton in his first victory, thanking God, on the podium for this achievement, the first of many.

In the media coverage was no different. TV and radio reports and interviews in newspapers, websites, blogs, magazines highlighted the achievements of one of the greatest drivers of all time and a Brazilian like few others. The subject was the agenda of the major portals, such as G1, Ig, UOL and Terra, and vehicles online and see, ESP, Sheet SP, Extra, Zero Hour, JT, Lancenet among others. The communication channels used by most fans to remember the pilot were social networks.

In twitter, Bruno Senna, during training in Italy (Mugello), posted his affection for his uncle and idol through the phrase: “First of May here in Mugello. Regrets, Ayrton. You keep inspiring me every time.” Felipe Massa also tweeted: “Eighteen years after the death of our greatest idol, Ayrton Senna.” Other famous names of the great circuits left their posts, as German Nick Heidfeld, the Austrian Alexander Wurz and Briton Martin Brundle. Tony Kanaan and Emerson Fittipaldi tweeted the same phrase: “Senna, idol forever.”

And the demonstrations did not stop there. The McLaren team has posted a video on twitter where Senna testing a sports car at Suzuka circuit where he won his three titles by driving one racing team.

No wonder that Senna is on twitter phenomenon. Every 30 seconds a day. Dozens of messages were posted, citing the Brazilian driver, who at around 15h occupied first place in the Trending Topics of Rio de Janeiro, the third and fifth in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The page of the Instituto Ayrton Senna, on Facebook, only in one day – 1, 8712 amounted to ‘enjoy’, 331 comments and 2,145 shares of the posts on the interactive exhibition Senna Emotion, named after the Brazilian driver.

Senna Emotion. Who was in Sao Paulo in a day. May Day, could give the inauguration of the ‘Senna Emotion’, interactive exhibition in the Republic of the Metro station, which uses a lot of technology to tell a successful track record of triple champion in F1, Ayrton Senna.

The media also extensively covered the exhibition. Among these programs were the National Journal, Globe Sports Newspapers Today, Good Morning Brazil, SPTV, Globo News, Journal of SBT, the News Record, Journal of the Band, Slate, and + Very Official Gazette. Radio listeners could also check out the novelties of the exhibition by broadcasters Peter Pan, CBN, Girl Scouts, Estado Globe and ESPN.

In the ‘Senna Emotion’, the public can learn about who was Ayrton Senna da Silva, his relationship with Brazil, your driving style, behind the scenes at Formula 1, his contributions to motorsport, major races and unforgettable victories.

The exhibition is divided into six thematic areas: ‘Pole Position’, ‘Race Start’, ‘Circuit’, ‘Pit Stop’, ‘GP Brazil’ and ‘Podium and Legacy’. Through these steps that are part of a racing circuit, the public is invited to delve into a thrilling journey through poly sensory experiences. Each room connects to concepts that relate to each other, as one leg of the race, a topic about the pilot or his career, or the values of Senna: motivation, resilience, determination, enthusiasm, dedication.

After the season in Sao Paulo, which ends on June 3, the show goes to Rio de Janeiro and will be installed in the National History Museum, from June 16 to July 16. It will also be assembled in Curitiba, Centro Cultural FIEP System, which is on display 1  to 31 August.

The idealized and developed by YDreams Brazil, international company specializing in interactive technology, and held in partnership with the Instituto Ayrton Senna, the exhibition ‘Senna Emotion’ was produced with funds from the Rouanet Law, through the Ministry of Culture, and is sponsored officer of Banco Itau.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna