Bruno Senna believes that the high-speed nature of the next few tracks on the calendar, allied to a major update package scheduled for Silverstone, can help Williams get back to fighting near the front of the field.

After two disappointing outings for the Grove-based team following Pastor Maldonado’s victory in the Spanish Grand Prix, Senna thinks there is still every chance of a swift return to form.

Reflecting on its struggles in Canada, Senna said: “I think running on very fast straights is not really the best part of the car.

“In Bahrain we weren’t particularly competitive; and in Canada we weren’t particularly competitive.

“I think on these types of track we are still not right there, and hopefully for Monza [in September] we will have a good package.

“But when it is required with high speed cornering, the car is there. It’s just a question of getting everything right. And now that’s going to be really important, as other people are making strides forwards as well.

“We know that we have a fair upgrade coming for Silverstone, which is going to be very welcome, but it is a never ending battle to upgrade and improve.

“Hopefully we’re going to just jump the other cars again, and have a few races before they catch us up.”

Williams tried out an aggressive rear-wing design in Canada that was better suited to low-drag conditions, but Senna said he was unsure if the aerodynamic benefits outweighed the consequences of increased tyre wear.

“It’s hard to say exactly what we should have done, but looking back at the race now, especially with the temperatures, maybe we should have raced with the other wing, and just had a bit more downforce to save the tyres a bit more.

“That would have meant we could have pushed, but it’s obviously easier to say that in hindsight.”

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