A ‘for sale’ advert led a charity to the last photograph taken of the man regarded as the best ever Formula One driver.
The poignant image of Ayrton Senna on the grid just hours before he was killed during the San Marino grand prix in 1994 will now be auctioned for SPACE, an autism charity. Experts predict the image of the Brazilian triple F1 champion, who was just 34 when he died, could fetch more than £1,000.
Rick Simpson, who runs Space4 Autism with his wife Cheryl, said: “We’ve had a few evaluations and they said we could be looking at a lot of money. As memorabilia goes, this is special – and that we have it is down to luck and one man’s generosity.” The Simpsons, who set up the charity seven years ago spurred on by their two sons’ autism, visited Graeme Glew in Macclesfield after he advertised chairs for sale in Poynton Post Office window.

Rick, of Vernon Road, Poynton, said: “When Mr Glew confirmed he worked as a racing car agent, Cheryl asked if he could help with a charity auction – and that’s when the picture of Senna emerged.” In it the driver looks pensive – Formula 1 had already suffered a devastating blow when another driver was killed in practice the day before the race. Rick said: “He took it himself not knowing it would be Senna’s last race.” Titled ‘The Last Picture’, the photo will be sold at the Space4 Autism Spring Ball and auction at Adlington Hall on May 11.

source: menmedia.co.uk