On the evening of Wednesday, August 8, Carlos Nascimento led another round of The Greatest of All Time Brazilian. On the one hand, Ayrton Senna, represented in the program for their mental and physical trainer, Nuno Cobra on the other, Lula, who was ambassador to the journalist, politician and writer Fernando Morais.

After a week of open voting online and via SMS, Ayrton Senna won the confrontation with 63.6% of the votes and became the second finalist for the position of The Greatest of All Time Brazilian.

The winner will play this week with Chico Xavier one of the semifinals. As someone in an individual sport has managed to unite a people around your image? Alone inside the cramped cockpit, Senna won the hearts of fans with his grit and courage. It became one of the most positive examples of what is to be Brazilian.

Most of his career was abroad. His teams were foreign. But Ayrton Senna did point out that it was Brazil. His achievements were shared with the public and became national victories. The courage with which he faced the challenges on the track inspires today not only as professional athletes in many different areas.

Senna made a point of showing that, besides talent, had a lot of dedication to their work. With this, he showed a genius really was done with 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. His victories were not an accident: he worked hard for it.

Much more than a distraction, see Senna winning a race was to have a reason to celebrate, one of the problems off on weekends. And for a country that was in serious crisis, it was a relief.

Courageous, competent, competitive and successful. With all these attributes, Senna became an inspiration for many Brazilians and off the slopes!

source: © sbt.com.br