An action of McLaren in partnership with Hugo Boss resulted in R $ 35,100 donation to the educational programs of the Institute Ayrton Senna.

The suits used by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button at Grand Prix of Brazil were sold at auction on the website of Senna Store.Black suite of Hamilton received a winning bid of R $ 22 thousand. But the White suite of Button was bought for R $ 13,100.

The action involved 9,000 people around the world in 2011. The suits  were selected in a contest sponsored by Hugo Boss. A model was selected for each Grand Prix Formula 1 season, and finally two uniforms were chosen as winners, developed by Hungarian István Kalmar and German Tino Buschmann.

Buyers of these siuts are helping to realize an old dream of Ayrton Senna, who always wanted to see children and young Brazilians with access to quality education.The auction of Hugo Boss in partnership with McLaren began shortly after the GP of Brazil, held on 27 November and ended on December 16. Occurred just in the year of the campaign “Tri Senna. A win inspires other ‘, the Instituto Ayrton Senna, who celebrates 20 years of the conquest of the world’s third championship.The action aims to not only celebrate the conquest of Senna, but draw attention to the activities of the institution in Brazil – in 17 years, has benefited over 13 million girls and boys.

source: © Instituto Ayrton Senna