Interview with Angelo Parilla the former DAP team boss. Among the kart fanatics DAP probably does not need an introduction. Because DAP Italy as a kart manufacturer was responsible for lifting names like Alex Zanardi and Ayrton Senna to F1. Today Angelo Parilla is a representive. For more information about this visit: – – The inteview with Angelo Parilla is uploading in 5 parts. Part 1: Angelo Parilla is telling about the history of DAP karting and Ayrton Senna. Part 2; Angelo Parilla is talking about the dead of Ayrton Senna. Part 3: Angelo Parilla is talking about his 2 former best drivers Ayrton Senna and Terry Fullerton and the main differences between them as kart drivers. Part 4: Angelo Parilla and Harm Schuurman (former DAP factory driver) talking about racing against Ayrton Senna. Part 5: Angelo Parilla is talking about the future of karting. Some former DAP driver: Keke Rosberg (F1), Terry Fullerton, Ayrton Senna (F1), Peter Koene, Alessandro Zanardi (F1), Stefano Modena (F1), Vincenzo Sospriri (F1) , Alessandro Piccini.

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