The city of Recife celebrates the results obtained with the use of two programs of the Institute Ayrton Senna in the municipal city of Pernambuco. In 2011, the League and Accelerate Brazil If you were part of the curriculum of 92 schools with 2444 students attended.

In December, teachers and students gathered to talk about their experiences throughout the school year. The manager of the Department of Education, Sport and Leisure, Mariza Augusta, highlighted the commitment of all programs in the school flow correction. “The great advantage of the program is its dynamics. The teacher has the support of a trainee in the classroom, a supervisor who monitors four public schools, besides planning fortnightly between teacher, supervisor and crew management”, he said in an interview to the official website of the city of Recife.

Students who participate in the programs connects and Accelerate Brazil in Recife wheels are in daily reading, language workshops and use games as a means of learning.

About Accelerate Brazil.

The Accelerate Brazil is a patch flow of Elementary School, which combats the repetition responsible for the distortion between the age and grade that the student attends, and also by leaving school. Contributes to that in a year, the child reaches the expected level of knowledge for the first phase of elementary school, so that you can advance your education. According to its use, it can recover from 2 to 4 series lost with repetition. Both students and teachers have access to specific educational materials, as well as constant monitoring and evaluation.

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